Leading Edge Brooklyn Real Estate Development

WRS Associates is a real estate development firm involved in the full spectrum of real estate services. With William Stein as its principal, WRS Associates has the proven capability of successfully managing every aspect of the real estate development and property management process.

Dating back to 2006, WRS Associates has been heavily invested in the Brooklyn real estate marketplace since the beginning stages of its redevelopment. For this reason, WRS has an longstanding understanding of each neighborhoods' niche, making him a premiere developer in the area.


WRS Associates offers full-service residential real estate development and planning.


WRS Associates uses its understanding of the neighborhood's culture and people to enhance an entire region's value. WRS will oversee the entire development of a project — including land planning and acquisition, financing, negotiating contracts for final design and construction, monitoring compliance with all contracts, and producing and overseeing work schedules.

Property Management

WRS Associates puts the emphasis on people and culture, customizing management to adhere to the unique challenges of individual properties. WRS Associates operates, controls and oversees the property management process from project onset through project completion and building and tenant management.

Neighborhood Assessment

William Stein's extensive experience building and advising in the Brooklyn boroughs has made him an authority in Brooklyn neighborhood assessments. His detailed analyses focus on structural characteristics of dwellings, demographics and issues pertaining to housing in these various areas.

Joint Venture Partner

WRS Associates is highly qualified in joint ventures for the purpose of commercial and residential real estate acquisition and development. William Stein's experience includes office buildings, retail centers, industrial facilities, mixed-use buildings, residential developments, and land development.

Construction Management

Having experience in all phases of real estate, William Stein has been actively involved in construction and development since the early 1970’s. He draws upon his years in the business and project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

William R. Stein

Principal Biography

Billy Stein has been actively involved in construction and development since the early 1970’s. He has managed all aspects of real estate development and management including land acquisition, entitlement, financing, plan development, construction, marketing and sales, and building management. He has been deeply involved with the development, construction and management of both residential and commercial properties, including single-family, multi-family, office, retail, and hotels.

Prior to launching WRS Associates, Mr. Stein was a managing partner at S/A Associates. On behalf of WRS Associates, S/A Associates and their related partnerships, Mr. Stein successfully managed the development of projects ranging in scope from multi-family residential to commercial and hotel properties.

Mr. Stein’s extensive experience proves he has the capability to work effectively while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in real estate development.

William Stein

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